Sunday, December 2, 2007


Summer in Australia, HOT, buts tats not the problem to me since im from Malaysia. One thing tat annoys me alot is FLIES.

FLIE + SSSSSSSSS. Wherever you go they will stick on you. And tis flies are different from Malaysia. Flies in Aus have big balls, They are not afraid of you, even if you shoo them or blow them or watever shit, they will still come back to you, worst dont give a damn n stick on you till you really try to flick them away.

Its alrite to have them taking a ride at the back or my shirt but the most annoying part is all of the flies are gay, they jus wan kiss you on the face. Jus imagine where their feet landed on before they stick on ur face. Tis leads me to make something jus to protect my face. Its easy all you need is

Tissue (serviette), sticky tape ( masking, scotch etc) and marker for decoration purpose onli.

First, stick the tapes on each side of the serviette, OH ya make sure its big enuf to cover yer face.

and jus stick it on your face, make holes for the eyes and mouth. To make sure it doesnt look like a paper covering your face, draw some facial features on it.

and now you are ready to face the flies, proudly walk out to the neighborhood and give it a try. You wont have to slap on ur face anymore.

Try not to use permanent marker, not onli it smells good but ITS PERMANENT

and NEVER EVER decorate your mask when you are wearing it or else

....... lesson learnt

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