Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Aus Kut Teh

Its a hot day on the 9th of April, Monday. We have decide to make Aus Kut Teh no matter wat weather it will be tat day. This is our very first time of making Aus Kut Teh. But im not the one doing the cooking.. They are

These are some of the ingredients we have.. i think tats everything an Aus Kut Teh need..

Yummy rite.. if u ask me how nice isit? i think this Aus Kut Teh compare to Klang Kut Teh.. Klang Kut Teh is nothing near this.. coz we have tooo much of meat, mushroom, vegetables .. and more mushrooms.. so its Ingredients to the MAX!

but the most important thing of all... this packet.

upclose it and explain one by one..

Look at all the dishes.. and the plates......

Wats a Aus Kut Teh without a group picture.. and yes my malaysias frens.. i have frens in australia.. i dint hire them to be in this picture..

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