Thursday, May 13, 2010


I was on facebook looking at all my pics ppl tag me,

I have never upload any pics on facebook before, i dont know why, but surprisingly there are 500+ pics of me on facebook, all tagged by my frens.

As i was browsing through...

If you are a facebook addict, u will know on ur album onli pics of u can be seen,

Was surprise i wasnt in tis pic but i was tagged.. hm... later did i know...

i was as the indian kid bside toh. and i start laughing, n i dint even know when tis happened. and so i continue browsing..

There another me, tis time im a guai lou.

A banana boat driver, with tis i can drive myself to any island.

i can form into animals too, a penguin.

and of course not to miss out the monkey.

a dog.

how bout a piece of nugget. I think its a nugget, but u wont see if im a nugget or not, u will get distracted with Julians, sad to say teramat sikit gay pose.

and i can even change my name, not Andy Lau but Andy Pao

How bout a name tat suit my face, Hantu Bopeng.

But in the end im something very powerful, the water.

watch tis video and u will know why im powerful. Empty your mind.. be water my frens..

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