Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tis is my dog, she is a dalmation, labrador,beagle,chow chow, all mix together and become Bambi.. the Choi Gau (vege dog)

DO NOT EVER GO NEAR HER when she has something she is in possession of. Look at those killer eyes.

Even after photoshopping she still look damn fierce, like Tyra Banks kind of fierce.

all because of tis dead frog, she killed it and dint know wat to do with it, and its right in front of my house door. When u see her like tat no one dares to go near her, accept my dad.

tats why i was inside jus enjoying the way she kills the frog but i would never interfere.

she is sending me a message, Do not take my kill, you dont like me when im angry.....

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