Monday, May 17, 2010


Isnt it nice when u can help someone the those tat wanted ur help come to u.

And tis is wat they did, kempen derma darah, u wana to help but u got no time, let us come to u. Tis is the second time they came.

The first time i was there to support too, and it was my first time donating blood. I was the onli one who went in my office.

Felt proud of myself for doing good deed and i was given a booklet and also surprisingly,

I was given a certificate of appreciation. So when they came i decided to donate again.

Tis time i was accompanied by more volunteers, they were all ready the day before, all sleep early, maintain good health, no period tis n tat.

Not onli tat we bring along some supporters from office, haha actually the whole office came to support because it was jus 2 office away frm our place.

but next time remember dun bring supporters tat make faces, really will have less confident and scared when donating.

tis wan an easy process but because of their expression i was worried also, but i need to act cool, dammit i wasnt tat worried when i went solo the first time. LOL. Really makes a different.

May was very semangated to donate, but because of her weight she is too light to do so. And yet she alwaz say she is too fat... really need spanking.. LOL

our first one to go, first volunteer of the day, the reason she went first was because she was scared too, Lvis wanted everything to end quickly. LOL. A brave one.

Second one of the day Vincent and me waiting to b the third one.

It took onli a few minutes to fill up the whole 450ml bag, oh oh and the girl was sitting next to me... excited, hm... mayb tats why the blood flow out so fast.

there is really nothign to worried about, no pain nothing, u cant even feel the blood flowing out, even the needle mark is damn small. I will go for the third time if there is another one.

Guess who is she la, not gona mention her name, bersungguh sungguh she wanted to donate blood, already planned to do so, then in the end..... chicken out. Dun even wana face the camera. LOL

hm.. i was aiming to donate more than 6 time so i can have those privilege, although i dont really understand wat is it but i know its something good.

Well if u are really really into donating blood go more than 50 times. U will have a super duper something something for 10 years. First class 10 years man...

tats really alot, wonder how long will it take, by time i might b dried up...

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