Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random updates

Went for a movie on weekend

And finally i get to watch Ip-Man. Now i can join wat everyone has been talking. When the movie first came up i thought it was called ip man the IP we use on our computer, those kinda thing,

Hi im IP MAN, my number is, and u can log on to my organs...i thought it was some futuristic movie stuff like tat

n i thought it was ridiculous and then onli i realize when i heard it was suppose to be a human name. Bodoh me. Wat to do dont know how to read chinese characters.

Part 2 was super duper keng chow ! the way they fight like fighting with machine gun, crazy fast, LOL, really provoke me towards the end when he beat up twister, i was holding my fist watching it, hahah feel like helping him punch.

look at the display they had in Pavilion, hm... looks like something is oversized.

after tat super nice movie... balik wait for the last match of epl, disappointment, ManU kalah and in our gang onli Ah Wai support Chelsea, so i guess he is the happiest amongst us all.

and lastly i have not been playing Final Fantasy 13 so much, addicted to God of War 3, hahah... really addicted.

if u know what i mean why im so into tis game suddenly.

the graphic once again is crazy realistic. LOL. HEBAT !! SEXY !!

Yeah and rite now im playing tis game while im blogging.... and im in the last boss...

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Nikki said...

haha..so damn..realistic..