Saturday, May 3, 2008


SPOT Day is BACK !

Yes, i love eggplant. And to me ive onli see one type of eggplant in Malaysia.

tis type. So when i was in Australia, to me im very surprise when i saw differet kinds of eggplants they have. But one type tat i dot know and really attracts my attention which i think will also attract u guys is tis.

So immediately my mind start to imagine other stuff when i look at it at the side view.

A face.. tats rite a face.. and the i turn it to the front view.

it looks like tis, and it looks exactly like a face..

but when i take it and put it somewhere else

it became.. ahem....but for those who still thinks it looks like a face

credit to those who can guess whose features i use.

1 comment:

sk said...

haha...was wondering all the while from the beginning till the end those are whose features. pity that fella. he sure kill u when he knows bout this. hmmm...guess those were toh's, are they?