Monday, January 3, 2011


First of all, u all should thank us for the public holiday u all get on 31st Dec 2010... WE WERE THERE TO SUPPORT !! where were u all when we are shouting our lungs out har har har !!

it will be an unforgettable year for me..

celebrated in an awesome partay in Jaeshinda place (jaemy ShinYing and Danny)

And so it ends.. AND NOW

IM ALL BOOST UP TO FACE 2011 !! its gona be an AWESOME YEAR !!

Getting my new year resolution ready.

Its a good start for me coz on the 1st of January 2011, M3, Toh, Aden, Chris n Justin.. did something so sudden, so hebat, so unbelievable it change my entire luck for the year. Reason i show Justin changing because.. today will b his first day to casino and we wont know whether he can get thru or not, so its a bet.

And ppl you dont meet often in KL u can find them in Genting, LOL met with a few friends there hahahaha

it mus b the glasses im wearing, i will wear it often now, its bringing me luck.. so what im superstitious hahahha.

and i think its the glasses giving us all the luck... Justin went in no one asking, my Bro went in without showing any identification card... nothing, all went the casino jus like tat

and so it happens... the first time ever we all came out smiling widely.. but to go thru tis u know how much i help Genting buy their toilet tiles... Im jus taking back my tiles now... lol

well with abit of extra like apple keyboard....

not to forget my Hot Toys Spiderman is also from Uncle Lim

Thank You Uncle Lim for you New Year presents.... !!!

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