Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Proud Malaysian

It was the day when Im proud to say im a Malaysian.

The day where our national team went to the finals.

It was really really really crowded with humans on that day, tis was taken around 6 plus. The match starts at 8pm. We park our car like few kilometres away from the stadium.

Tired walking all the way to the stadium but everyone is doing it, waving the Malaysia flags.

Even if i drive my bike here im sure i will be damn stress

in this kind of crowd, tis kind of match, clearly it shows how we are outnumbered by malays. But we came here with no religion, no race onli 1Malaysia.. hehehe

farnie thing is, ppl are praying on the flags and jerseys and everything football... i thought i was superstitious but hahah it seems like everyone is also the same.

fireworks in the stadium, flares everywhere, its nice to see but i dun think its necessary at all.. how did they even get to smuggle in to the stadium at the first place..

before we went in to the seats i was thinking pay RM30 to sit behind the rail such a waste... but someone went missing when we were looking for a place and he was the one sitting there the whole match.. hahah wonder wat they do when Malaysia score...

imagine this... everyone is sweating, its crowded, u can feel each others, u can smell them, its like u became brothers in a sudden.. but it was so crowded we walk the whole stadium and still cant get a place and ended up seeing asses, the onli way to solve it is to stand..

and so we won !! so happy, like wat Justin said we were so excited and happy we jus gave ramdom ppl hi-five..

main laser la... main lagi.. nearly kena postponed.

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