Wednesday, December 15, 2010

KLIM 2010

Rite now as im blogging now there might b someone trying to commit suicide.. noawadays writing ur will in fb n saying u wana commit suicide is a trend, hope they dun take my will toh wrote for me for real or might b on the papers too,

It will be somethign like .. Cinta Dua Adat Berbeza Menyababkan Seorang Lelaki Hendak Membunuh Diri.

Here is the video of my recent Ad for the UPS

There is one more coming but then in the meanwhile watch tis first coz tis wan not much airtime on me but the next one is gona be like me me me ... rite Jaemy rite? ahahaha Neway..

Got called early in the morning by Aden to go lepak in KLIM, said he bought the entrance tickets.. so both of us went.

Its was so so crowded.

The first thing we did was filling up forms jus to hope we get the chance one in a gezillion million chance to win a Prius..

The cars were nice and we did enjoy the whole trip.

kinda reminds me of the upcoming movie TRON.

for me the main attraction was tis baby... CAMARO aka Bumble Bee, the one from the Tranformers movie. The exact one..

Tis MYVI cast is pretty eye-catchy too.

When there are free stuff, u know there will b like crazy humans packing trying to grab it, the lame thing is its jus a paper bag filled with useless stuff and yet ppl still rush for it is pushing all the way in as in there is a Nissan car key inside.

One thing i dont really understand is, why do parents bring kids here ? They really get in your way when u are trying to take pics, and they squeeze thru u to see a product demo which they wont understand at all...

Mayb im now a parent yet but yeah.. they sit instead of step.. NICE !

Oh Aden was doing the same thing too.. LOL steeping on the platform..

Not all the kids that are annoying la.. there are cute ones too..

As a photographer tis is the chance where i have the chance to try to take photograph of models for free.

Compare to the other photographers of course im not tat hebat, am jus trying out.

There are all sorts of models you can shoot from, cute ones...

no comment on this one...

innocents ones..

dark ones... haha its my lighting actually tercacat....

the ones u kenal kenal abit ones...

aunty saying hi ones... and many more la, if u wana see more go to facebook la, im sure alot of ppl upload it on facebook, hahaha

of all the model pics ive taken on tat day.. this is one of my best one... lighting everything nice n clear... model also looks stunning..

get to check out tat giler life size Bumble Bee.. ah.. now i know why are the kids here... is one of their easy money making way.. charging families for tis photo session with it... ah....

oh and yeah !!! dont you find it discriminating to bikers, all this tinted window demos they alwaz show humans wearing helmets and breaking it with another helmet... ciz

oh and i found my baby... hahaha the colour the look... so handsome... im loving this bike. ROAR..!!

the biggest letdown frm the Expo was tis Bat Mobil... its a fake one and it looks damn ugly...

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Star☆ said...

i was there and complaining about the kids too!!! beh tahan wei.. esp they keep running around and pushing around.. the worst part is, kenot scold them cuz they're kids... and their parents were busy drooling over the cars, din even bother about their kids.....

and yes, bat mobile was a super let down!! the moment i see it, i was like.. "that's it?!? no more?!? this one also not real!!" =__=