Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another Ad for 8TV

Yes thanks to Jaemy , i had another chance to b in an ad again. Pics are taken from his blog too.

Tis time i get to work with more talents. All with a different role. We have chinese kung fu, ninja. samurai (tats me), wing chun and karate.. haha im jus a supporting cast, so im not sure if anyone of u can catch a glimpse of me in tis promo ad, channel 8 ya.

Jaemy was the director for the whole shoot, wei dun play play wei.. look at his super serious briefing.. saw my pic or not on the left..

it was fun coming back to tis studio.. dint know it has been 2 years since the last time i came..

some shots from the scene..

very fun indeed, thanks to Jaemy giving me this opportunity once again.. kekekeke

I have not seen the ad yet but im not sure is this scene it in or not, Thanks Jaemy mua hahahah i had fun ! oh and i start moving even before he said cut.. paiseh paiseh..

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Jaemy.C said...

thank u for being so passionate about being my live prop.