Friday, December 3, 2010

Toh, My Brother

Everyone know bout him.. but does anyone know bout his past.. his childhood.. neither do I.. but oe thing I do know...

He was one of us, together we continue our journey, apart but each and everyone in it was never forgotten, he is one of THE LEGEND... wait for it... wait for it....

What made him what he is today..

U see him so energetic in his work or sports or anything not because his enthusiastic, its because he had enuf of sleep in the pass.

U see him as a good finger user not because he was born with it, he did a lot of training posing with his with it.

U see him as a good kisser (im just guessing, ask Sf bout tis) not because he started early but its because he did it with any gender.

U see him with his muscular body now not because he trains alot, its when he saw this pic he knew he had to do something..

He is jus like a flat screen tv or a rectangular shape.. he was sick of his flat screen TV body.

U see him now with a better looking face, its jus because he had his worst days in the past..

U see so much of his past today, its because he had a good friend like me...


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