Monday, December 27, 2010

A Different Kind Of Christmas

Tis years Christmas is abit different.. its different, heheeh but we still did a countdown on christmas eve with a few new faces this year..

Its was suppose to be a party but it ended up as a small gathering at Tohs new place, hehe it was a last minute plan tats why alot of humans cant make it.. but no worries !! its never not fun with ur gang of brothers.

Thanks Joyce for ur love ginger bread butter cookie.

Here is Joyce decorating the christmas tree, veli enthusiastic wo, so into it hahahaha

we also had gife exchange session.

everything was so well prepared, even a place to rock band is well planned.

i even brought some door gifts for the late comers, those gifts are from my office hahahahaha

our dinner for the day pizza and kfc hahah no turkey, and yeah tats the crowd.. kekeke

performance mimicking Micheal Bubles concert, because we were thinking of going for his concert on March but its damn expensive... tats how it lead to tis small concert mimicking.. lol

There is also something new tis year.. PS MOVE..

its suitable for all age (see Adens face)

and all sex

Look at Aden's face again and scroll up and compare... no difference...

not everyone gets to play the PS all at once so we did some other thing to entertain ourself... Pretending to be a rockstar.

and when it comes to Guitar Hero... the girls will alwaz be bored coz they cant seem to enjoy the fun of it.. tats why they went home rite after 12am but we still stay around n njoy the brotherhood together during christmas.

Adens face again.. berlagak..

One of the exchange gift present, the thing tat pops out n scared the hell out of u.. tats Julians face when he kena shock..

here is a pic i took during the camwhoring picture, whethere u like it or not, i love it and i wana share with u all thanks to my cameraman... Toh.. mua hahahahahaha


Star☆ said...

omg michael buble is coming?!?!? omfg!!! i wanna goooo!!!

and where's toh's new place? looks nice eh!

Jeremy said...

Micheal Buble concert is so damn ex leh .... haiz susah susah .. Ah Toh is still staying at his place jus bside his old house... hahah dun tell Ah Yeh... LOL