Thursday, December 23, 2010

Small Project

Been marathoning since Monday.. bertong yuen everynite with my family LOL.

Do you know making it its not an easy task.

First of all need to mix the smashed peanuts and sugar and all the necessary thing together to make the filling

make them into a sphere shape which really test ur skills

after tat u need to mix the glutinous flour with water and then mix them around..

then togther with the peanut filling roll it and cover it with the glutinous flour.. really really not easy but its when all the whole family do it together.

and most importantly do not simply put any filling inside... not even almond..

and make sure he is not the one making it.. or else u will ended up eating almond tong yuen..

Neway.. the small project i mention was not the tong yuen actually, hahah its tis video.. took a few hours to edit it with mac's iMovie.. U know how some times music really relates to you, you dont just listen to the music, when u really listen to the lyric u can feel it, so enjoy tis video i made heheheh

cant upload my video on utube coz of some copyright thing.. haiz so i upload it in blogger instead


Star☆ said...

love yur video project! it's nice and i love the song! bruno mars <3

Jeremy said...

yeah i know tats song is really nice.... i love it very much