Monday, December 20, 2010

Early Christmas for B&B

Thanks Jakun for giving me tis lovely chritmas pressie.

its called nano block. as u can see its something like lego but a smaller n tinier version of it. Its a French Bulldog.

See see nice n cute, build it within minutes hahaha,

Its the time of the year again where we get to makan tong yuen.. wooo hoooo

the preparation of it is never easy because we alwaz like it with peanut fillings.

the very first time i ate it without filling was when i was 12 years old. I still remember tat very moment. We had a party and one of my classmate wanted to make tong yuen i was so excited then.. (thinking wah so young know how to make tong yuen d) then on tat nite.. i then realise and felt let down coz tats the first time i ate a tong yuen without filling... is was... weird damn weird.. dont like it at all...

put tat aside and yeah.. my company celebrate christmas a little bit toooooo early, we had an early christmas party.

Few like i have not much picture of myself in my blog so decided to jus hentam the onli pic i took during tat day hahhaha... like a solo one.

celebrated in a japanese restaurant again.. dunno wats with the japanese thing.. dunno why each celebration we will end up in japanese restaurant for all the dinner...

ada exchanging presents


berhappy ganas

ber challenge drinking


and group pic ...

nothing to blog about actually.. tis is like a filler post la... hahahaha see pics onli ba.

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