Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Wrath of Toh !!

Oh no Oh no....

Tis is crazy crazy.. saw tis pic and my heart start pounding pop pop pop..

When hot toys show the product.... i look at it awhile with my mouth wide open... took out my wallet and shake my head... my wallet is empty.. all i can do is jus stare at pictures.

Do you know E for your car petrol meter stands for 'Empty' not 'Enough'

It was a lovely saturday when suddenly my bro call up and say he couldn't start the car.. usually the first thing tat come to ur mind is the battery..

went all the way to look for a formen, fetch him to the car, ask him to check, he check awhile and gave us a weird look....

Ur car got petrol or not ? he ask... stunned...

AH HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA... but my cars petrol meter memamng cacat d wan so we wont know, we use the milage meter to keep tract.. but tis time tercacat my brothers estimation...

Fetch the formen back, went Shell. Get an aluminum can from them with a deposit of RM4 which u can get back after u return it. Pump it up full up to RM6. Ask for a free DIY funnel.

First try... my hand and my brother hand all soak with petrol, tertumpah the bloody petrol when pouring. Can mouth was to big.

What an experience..

Talking bout experience... i never learn my lesson. Do not ever leave ur facebook on when you are in tohs hse using his laptop.
I was so tired i doze of immediately after i log on to facebook and tats where this happened

he was suppose to wake me up while i was sleeping but he was half an hour late.. busy looking for pictures..

and harassing my facebook with all those status comments.

not onli tat, he harass my hardisk with folders after folders.

crazy shit..

well i thought it was something nice when he wrote there do not delete its the real thing... but

tis is wat i get from him.. GLEE.. and its not even the whole season its jus the first episode...

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