Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Up Up and BYE BYE Malaysia

Before we get back to Kl from Genting we did a praying ceremony so we can be safe home from the.. u know what..

Getting a bit emo on the way back home.

On the very same day i spent the whole night vit my friends. We did not sleep.. erm jus for awhile like erm.. 30 minutes. At 6am I pack my bags into the car. when i was about to live the house Granpa came n hug me... i feel sad in a way n odd, he never hugs me.

I am tired, stun, happy and excited when im in KLIA. Luckily i have someone vit me going to Melbourne so i dont have to stay that way all the time. My dear dear..

Erm.. not really, still getting the after effect of not sleeping the whole day.


yumeko said...

Yala yala... got ur dear along wif u laaa.... Pity me dis kinda ppl... Sighh, all by myself... Sniff sniff

waichoong said...


waichoong said...

better lar like this for thoose no acc..can mampoi..

Evonne said...

I love julian very much...why i will choose jeremy instead of julian.. i love julian..oh julian i love u... ..
i love justin also..justin so cool.. like the American footballer ADU..he play like adu..face like adu..jojo dont love u..i love u..come we play 3 some

Fabian said...

YO..YO..nice work ...!! keep the gud wrk.. keep in touch using thig blog..!!!