Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cook Book I have that you dont !

Ever u guys wonder how i have all my meals here in Australia. Well i cant eat outside all the time. Ordering a curry mee here is like eating Chilli's, The Ship, TGIF u get the idea. So i have to learn to cook. Here are some of the meal i cook vit evonne within this period in Australia. Take a bowl out in case of drooling.

Pita Bread, Tofu mince meat, Cheng chau choy sum, Maggi mee goreng

Fried rice, Teriyaki chicken, salad, Minced meat vit cabbage, Alfredo sauce spaghetti

Mapo tofu, Mince eat cabbage, Sandwich, Honey spare rib, Chau choy sum

Pita bread, Beef, Salad, Mushroom soup, Borch Soup, Spicy spare rib

Japanese curry, Cabbage again, Udon goreng dan lain-lain

Not all the food we cook end up delicious.. but the percentage is low.

Well u guys mus be wondering how we learn how to cook so much in like one month. Well 30% is skill, 20% is from mom, 10% power of will, 5% luck and 110% from this cook book.

He has change his hobby and stop cooking. So u wont have this copy anymore.

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waichoong said...

lol..horng can cook so can u... dam funny yi horng book..