Friday, March 25, 2011


There is tis canvas in my office... we had some oil paint and started painting it..

tis is the artwork me and my colleague did and that is when i know i need some time out... disturbing piece of art.. hahaha

Tis post will b Lomo style !!

Tats why i decided to follow my parents to singapore.. with my cousins as well

the last time me and my cousins went to sg together was like 14 years ago, hahaha and we took tis pic in the zoo

ei u know who u are tis pic for u !!! lol

second day here.. did nothing much onli shopping.. in the same complex for almost the whole day.. and keep eating non stop

even my couz also stun with it coz we really eat non stop.

tis shopping complex veli gang ho wan, got garden on the rooftop for u to train ur dogs wan.. will never happen in msia.

also a small water park for kids to soak themself in tis hot weather.

one of my reason for coming sg.. the kuih tutu, i found one in Mid Valley but then they were close down last year d.. haiz kasihan

been in tat complex for about 6 hours but all me and my couz did was sit around,

i think we sat like 3 hours instead of shopping, waited for our parents....

so boring we onli walk around and look for food...

like really boring.. sampai dunno wat to do keep taking pics..

eat again after, even before i finish digesting..

dis was early dinner at 6pm...

tis is supper at 8pm....

eat eat eat and eat non stop.... i have not been doing tis for ages eating supper like crazy...

Tmr !! I will b going UNIVERSAL STUDIO !! ROAR !!!

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