Tuesday, August 7, 2007


My psp has never been better even since i bought it. Im so happy tat i have it with me here in Aus. I still remember the day when my mom call back from US.

Mom :Isit psp u one, isit ?
M3 :(Shock) ya ya
Mom : Tell Kimberly which wan.

Those were the times.

And now I have pimp my psp keng keng. Not onli it can watch movie, listen to music or go online.

I downloaded like 40+ games from the net which eventually i did not finish any of them.

And kehebatan of tis technology, i am able to play any psone games tat I use to love so much.

Remember this logo

To rpg lovers, Chrono Trigger is an unforgettable game from psone.

And the last thing is, i am able to play any game title from the famous gameboy advance. ANY game

Pokemon Emerald is the one im playing. So PSP is memang one superbly powerful game console.

Currently downloading Final Fantasy 7.


Jessica said...

omg. everyone got PSP. make me so jealous. :(

first my bro. then my bf. then i read yur blog pun cakap pasal psp. *sigh*

Jeremy said...

aiyo, u can pinjam from ur bro wan ma.. dun jealous , or snatch from ur bf

Jessica said...

haha. he got pinjam me la. but good also la i dun have. if not i sure play until no need study wan. LOL.

Jeremy said...

so nice u guys can play ad hoc mode... imagine going hunting monsters in monster hunter togeda.. shiok man

PSP gamer said...

Wow that is an awesome collection of PSP games you have collected ;)

I just got a new PSP 300 and I love it, but I am not able to run any homebrew like emulators and stuff on it. I heard there was a new battery from Datel that will let you hack the PSP 3000 tho...