Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Buat Baik Dibalas Baik

As you guys know, intenret as not been working for the past 11 days. It was the lousy modem, it was spoiled. So now tat i have back my internet, IM BACK. More power, more handsome, more kaya ! why kaya. Recently we have a volunteered to be the host for my Uni. Wat we have to do is jus, stand and dont let any new student get lost, tats it.

I think i have to get a camera.. alwaz leech from other ppls source. LOL. I cant find a pic for the orientation host thing. NVM

So as we were finishing, Suzie came with a stack of paper and wa going to throw it to the bin. She stop by us and ask,
M3: Me me me, I want !

and she pass me this paper.

See properly the first thing tat caught my attention is not those bold words but the $ sign.

So I called up and the receptionist called Bianca called me to go over to the place the next day. It was an easy job, I jus have to wrap bubble rap around this box filled with tiles tat is around 3-4 kg. The carrying was tiring. So I have to say not onli i got

A super big non fitting Swinburne T-shirt

A cert of appreciation.

But also 150 dollar richer.


Jessica said...

hahah. no wonder ssoooo long no update. now i check suddenly got so many new posts.

SO. yuu only took up that job for yur entire holiday? ^^;;

Jeremy said...

erm.. i onli got an offer for my entire holiday.. eheh paiseh