Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Back to uni !

Yesterday was the first day of my new term. I have allocated my timetable and this time it was better than before.

Look at the gaps and the days i have classes. EVERYDAY ada class.

And this is my current one i have. Not really perfect but still i have 2 days with no classes. Woohoo. It was tiring for me to get up early for the first class. Imagine waking up for nearly 2 months at 11 am and all of a sudden have to wake up at 7.30 am. GILA.

Neway first day of uni, and i thought i wasnt goin back to the uni for the next 3 months again. Why ?

Everyone was evacuated when we were walking to Uni after lunch. It was said there is a fire in the uni's cafeteria and the fire brigade here is very effective, wont come after the whole Uni was burnt down.

Everyone looks happy, so i think its not a big fire or anyone got hurt.


Jessica said...

really so nice la yur timetable. :(

Jeremy said...

but i prefer to have no classes on thurs and fri, but cant ask for more

Jessica said...

cant arrange yur timetable that way?

Jeremy said...

tried but then its all full