Saturday, August 11, 2007

World Of Warcraft (WOW) board game style !

Yes its a board game from the famous multiplayer online game World Of Warcraft. These game developer guys are pretty good, managing the whole online game making it into a board game which also share the same experience in the game.

Leveling up
Doing quest
Fighting neural creeps
Boss killing
Beating up ur frens in a PVP (playe versus player)
Equipping chunted armor and swords, bow, mace etc etc.

Kanchiongly after my friday classes i went to Jun feis place to play the game.

The owner of the Board game, Jun fei.

The board game 120 dollar

With expansion around 30 dollar. So this game is not a i see i buy kinda board game. It needs alot of thinking and lot of research to decide.

Our opponent, Royce. Due to the handicap match, Royce can control 2 heroes. Me and Jun fei each will have onli a hero.

First, we choose from a variety of heroes provided.

And i chose mine, Shailara Wintherblade. ROAR...!!

Setting up the game board.


HI YA !! Dice rolling, Monster summoning.

BANG !! DISH !! Mana depleting, Hp going low !

My hero is in trouble, have to bring down this monster immediately !

Ah.. Success with the help of

Jun Fei in my party to defeat the monster.

On and on we play, time passes by so quickly, we have been the game for almost 3 hours.

Look at all the items and equipments i have in my hero ... The game have to come to an end, if not we will be doing this forever.. so to end the game, We will decide our faith in a PVP match.

And so the game ended. Me and Jun Fei were able to defeat Royce strategically.

MUA HAHAHAH...!! Everything Nice ! But too time consuming.. still nice ! Mayb coz i win.. LOL


Jessica said...

whoa. this one play boardgame also nice ah? LOL. i still prefer those "moving" one. hahahah.

Jeremy said...

tis one also got movement, use ur hand to move but not keyboard, can feel it summore lol.

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