Thursday, August 9, 2007

I think this is not Boring

I have a fren
My fren is toh.
He likes to sleep in the class during secondary school.
And here he is.

Although sometimes he gets beaten up by Julian.

He alwaz take it with a smile.

His hormones start to build up but its unstable tat time. Here is why.

But now he is fine.


Jessica said...

hahahah! omg! i still remember yuu guys were trying SSSOO hard to capture that kissing scene!

really bring back memories.

i also can't remember where i placed all these photos. or do i have them?

Jeremy said...

HAHAHA. Hmm.. im not sure whether u have it or not, but tat clearly from the kissing u are enjoying urself.. belakang ketawa terbahak-bahak

Jessica said...

yea marh. we all laughed until sakit perut leh. cant believe yuu all can think of that way to take pic of kissing. LOL. geng!