Thursday, August 9, 2007

Top of Melbourne.

Its was a sudden plan. Sunday. Last day of my holiday.

Yumeko ask us whether we have any plan for the last day of our holiday and we said no.
Then she suggested we head to Melbourne tower. And off we go.

It was the 16th tallest building in the world. LOL, malaysia No. 5 or 6 dude. Kalah Australia. MUAHAHAH.

Ok back to Australia now. Bought our cheap 2 for 1tickets which cost onli 4.50 per person. Into th lift. Which kinda smells.

And whole of Melbourne we see

Stayed there till nite to see the nite lights.

There is also a restaurant there which look like this

The one in Malaysia.

Woo hoo Malaysia scores again.

Came across tis weird penny machine which cost you a dollar to make tour own penny souvenir

Tat is wat happen when you dont read the intructions.

The outcome of tis machine.

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