Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lets talk about Pets.

Dogs here are like so everywhere, but they are not stray dog, i will never see any stray dogs here in aus. And i seldom see any pahlia ones.

reminds me of someone...

All this dogs makes me think back of my pets. So here are those i have tat i remembered.
First is my Caterpillar tat i got from evonnes place.

it turn into a butterfly but im not quick enough to take a pic of it, its not a beautiful butterfly though.

And the Siu Pak, my hamster

there she is

tis fella up there is kinda related, n it belongs to ah toh, how are both of them related is becoz the husband rape my siu pak n come out nothing. Guess siu pak dont wana have babies.

look at the husbands mansion living with the first wife.

Hers is not bad too, coz she can work out by climbing the grills.

Funny thing bout siu pak is, sometimes when i look at her, she will do this.

hm.. she is in love with me i think,tats y. next is my dogs

Tis is Max. Max is a golden retriever. But he looks brown.

Skill he know is sit, but i gues now he knows stay n down. He is frendly, anyone comes to my house can jus touch him, no worries. And the last one the queen, Bambi

Skills : arrogant, not a dog to mess with, sit, in ( to the kennel), dont listen, thinks she is the queen of the house.

She is jus the queen man. When she dont feel like it, she jus wont look at the camera.

dont even try to piss her off.

or she will jus piss on you


Jessica said...

wow.. yur house got so many pets?

and about toh's hamster raping yur siu pak.. damn funny la! hahah.

Jeremy said...

hahah.. useless lah tohs hamster.. rape nothing come out also .. haiz... my siu pak not a virgin d and also nothing come out.. putih putih got rape..