Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ausrean BBQ

Its been awhile since i went to Nicks place. Been planning it during the holidays till recently we have time to visit her. And we had Korean bbq. Entree..

instant kimchi which was prepared by nick.. ooo la la.. nice nice

and then the main dish, pork belly, beef, chicken all in korean bbq style. shoud get one of the pan when i go back to Malaysia.

everyone is jus so happy by all the foods we have. Its jus so so delicious tat not much picture was taken coz everyone is jus busy eating.

When its all done, we need to clear the table and clean up the pan for the deserts.

hm... chocolate..

Its FONDUE... CHOCOLATE FONDUE !! hahah im not a chocoholic but im jus excited coz this is my first time melting choc and eating fondue.

Dig in, dip it with anything we have, apples, strawberries and also mashimalo. Combine it togeda and u will have

Strawchoclow (strawberry + chocolate + marshmallow )

definitely will do it again someday, starting to miss the bbq already.

MUA HAHAHAHA, nick when will be the next korean bbq


Jessica said...

wow.. see the pictures also "lau hau sui"..

Jeremy said...

ITS dam dam nice.. i think i will call Nick to do it one more time someday