Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cocoa & Coffee

We pass by this small poster in a milkbar(kedai runcit terkecil) near our place.

We were discussing whether to get one or not, and we took in consideration of

1. Its free
2. When we go back we will either pass to our frens tat is staying here longer or let go to the wild
3. The lady names was Miriam which makes me thinks of Miriam Cheung

We call and went to her place. Pass by this bloody big plant.

And when we reach there it was kinda scary. Her front yard is like a jungle. Her hallway was so so so messy.. im thinking will this be like hostel where they lure with something nice you and then kill you...

But then she took us all the way to her backyard and the guinea pigs is everywhere.. Its like in pokemon where u need to cacth the one you like.




Cocoa was the first one who did the the high kick.


tis is wat offee does only.. alwaz stick with Cocoa.. and they are both males..

how i really wish they are like pokemon which they can jus live in a pokeball.. to save money we bought a container and everything else is jus recycle... shredded paper, Ideal box.. food container etc etc .. recycle

Its not easy to be a Guinea pig trainer...


Jessica said...

so many pets at home liao.. now get a guinea pig pulak...

Jeremy said...

Official a wanted pet mah.. others all also unofficially wan.. hahaha