Monday, September 17, 2007

Core of my psp (psp fans only)

At last.. the moment i have been waiting for, the very main reason i bought my psp.. its here, finally here.

FINAL FANATSY CRISIS CORE ... Thanks to Lessayno with his fast speed connection he maage finish the 1.6 gb game within 2 days ! i would have take 5 days..

look at the beautiful rendered Zach.. (charaters name) and the beautiful male hand tat is holding the beautiful PSP..

the very main problem for me is.. its in japanese.. but who cares, i jus wan to see the graphics and the gameplay. I think so far tis is the best 3d game as in graphic tat is in PSP..

here is a video of the game, sorry for the bad quality, but u guys can load faster.
Another reason for those who wana get a psp.. droooooling.. one video is never enuf..
let me show u another cgi from the game..


Jessica said...

hahaha! i can't believe yuu are playing japanese!!!! last time yuu said yuu will at least wait until the english come out...

Jeremy said...

YAMAN ..! i cant wait, i dont care anymore but then now im kinda stuck and i dont know wats going on at all.. so i guess ill jus stop playing n calmly wait for then eng ver.