Saturday, September 29, 2007

Helping out in Swinburne.

Remember this post when i said i help out as a volunteer as a host.

well here is wat we did on the final day.

the venue was in Hawthorn and its like a gathering for all the new enrollment student in swinbure. The event start at 6 and we need to go there by 4.

When we reach there, we have nothing much to do.. we walk around... stand around... and i finally found a place to sit for a rest..

i was jus closing my eyes... when its finally 6pm ppl start showing up .. and tat where we had SOMEthing to do

ill jus stand behind the food bar and give away plates, which people can actually do it by themselves. And we have the priority to jus grab the food from the counter.. such as

cotton candy

popcorn which is salty and onli salty. There is onli one type of popcorn in Melbourne, SALTY



n who the hell was tat behind? he jus went at the back of us and stand there ... the weird thing is he even ask to see how he look on the camera...

but when everything is over, tats when we need to do the cleaning.. but we had fun tat day.. because of this particular indian tat stand out during the performance.. He looks like Mr Bean


Jessica said...

hmm.. can't spot the mr bean yuu are talking about,... hahah..

Jeremy said...

HHAHA the fella dance like mad like tat.. the indian fella.. his hairstyle looks like mr bean.. HAHA n i think the way he moves abit... HAHAHA