Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival.

I tried baby food...

erm.. not a thing i like but strange enough...

Baby Ivan (Evonnes cousin) he is really enjoying it.. RESPECT.

During the eve of Mid Autumn went to Aunts (Tai Yee) place for dinner..

Things u see on the table, curry, roast pork, kankung(in the kitchen), si yiau kai.. all this, dont even cost more than RM150 to prepare.. hahah kengchow. N its delicious.

everyone was enjoying the dinner.. and its so crowded

tat granma decided to sit by her own at a corner... then join by her husband haha granpa.

Here is a video of my granma hahah recording bday song for chris.

Let me translate.
Granma : when u did you record my video ?
M3 : now now !
Granma : isit... oh ya wo.. im wearing this shirt (LOL)

then she sings...

Granma : He can hear meh ?
M3 : Tomorrow.

this is made by my aunt (Ah Yin) , her best dessert, never once fail or let us down.. alwaz the best.

When we are young, after dinner, we will quickly grab all our lanterns and candles, candles very important.. and head out, lighting up all the lanterns, hoping for every street light to burst so its total darkness... also every part of the candles can be use..

the lower part if you have enough skill, it can form into a dynamite... usually a few boxes will become dynamites.. haha

when everything is finish.. its time to light it up and pretend to be rambo.. haha good imagination ya.. And what happen to all the wax tat we scrap out from the candles

BON FIRE !!! at the end of the day we will find anything that we can burn.. candle box... leaves...haha i even purposely accidentally drop those paper lantern into the bon fire once..jus once ok hahah

hahah but nowadays batteries lanterns are everywhere.

come in any sizes or shape.

and the lighting is damn cool, how can a kid not get attracted to these.. hahah even i had fun pressing.

I miss those time when we were young,


Jessica said...

yur grandma is so cute!! haha. and so sporting. lol.

i still prefer 'burn-able' lanterns. lol.

Jeremy said...

hahaha damn farnie the video... haha