Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Curl My Hair (tee hee)

If you have been seeing my blog, u know once in awhile i will transform into something which im good at.

Here are the links to refresh your memories. This and this .

Suddenly strike me when i was seeing Evonne chatting on the phone. She has long hair and a curly one. Something ive never done before.

and.... yeah....

This was our very first attempt which i dont think it looks real.

Went abit lebih and try to make it believable

and getting to it, after warm up,

Somehow i feel i look abit like Ronaldinho, LOL, but a pretty one..

Even played with accessories, got a hat

hahahah damn sexy wei.. shits man, laughing non stop looking at all the pics.

with this hip hop looks... i fell in love with myself too... LOL


Of all the pics taken.. i love tis one the most.. damn real.. really like Isabella Tai

without Evonne hair contribution, i wont know how pretty i look with curly hair... LOL

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