Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crap Warehouse

Tis is the SMS i got, looking at it jus make my fingers itch.

Look for the map where on earth is Dataran Hamodal and ask Julian is he interested to follow, and yes since we have nothing to do.

Got in to the lift, excitingly pressing Level 2.... heart pounding with excitement....

Step foot in and....

HATI BERKECAI.... total emptiness.....

Max depression.. even the kids tat went doesnt seem surprise or happy, heard a conversation between a few aunties.

Aunty A : ei hahaha take so big bag for wat wo ? (bag supplied by Toyrus)

Aunty B : HAHAHA dunno

Aunty A : nothing to buy also..

Yes its cheap, 50% off but these are legos that really even a 4 year old wont be please if the parents bought it for them during christmas... freaking ugly

the onli ting that i think is worth buying is this airport lego that has onli 30% off... and after discounts its still RM400+, onli if its 50% i will kasi hentam it back home n buy it for Chris... but too bad too ex..

So all i can say is going to this lego warehouse sale is....

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