Monday, September 8, 2008


Went to this restaurant, either a heaven for malays or hell to them, all they serve are onli Porks !

Its located around Jalan Alor (behind) dont know how to explain but yeah.. around kl area.

When I look at the front door i knew this place will be some interesthing restaurant.

the interior of this restaurant is nice, all you see are pigs... anything about pigs is here.

They displayed all the pig stuffs here.

any shape and sizes.

Now for the foods, its delicious but due to the lighting and the quality of my camera... it looks pale but nevermind

first off, caesar salad.

then mixture of all type of sausages, long, black, short, fat, hard, soft, u name it..

best of all, the ribs..

use hands to make the bestnest out of the ribs

and i forget wat this is...

forget coz it doesnt leave a big impact on me.. really scratching my head now...

seafood fried rice, normal but very fresh.

And the main reason we came to this restaurant.

This fella, its said tat when u order this, u can throw plates, n all we were thinking was throwing plates on the wall, but i see no one doing it or glass pieces anywhere..

Really thought i can super throw plates to release some stress, but its actually this

Still throw plates la but not as what i have imagined

TA DA ... chop by me as what my mom said using Spanish Kung-Fu.. LOL

but eating the piglet ass kinda remind me of some other tail. The piglet is not that great compare to the chinese style, the one you eat in those wedding function, crispy skin... slurp...

the last thing tat came was this free cute margarita.

We ordered too much pig so we have to tapau.. MUST TAPAU back coz the bill is ehem ehem let me put it this way.. strictly a place to go with parents.

all came out pig face.

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