Thursday, July 24, 2008

Playing Doctor

Toki, Triple Release.

Suk Kwan aka Sk. Loves Mickey and Minnie.

Nick, my cousin. A cool one.

Caryn. Love accessories, bags anything to do with fashion.

Nope 3 of them dun know each other at all, but they have similarity.

Happen long time ago during the Perhentian trip. Big toe was kick by Allen's super keng chow leg. It did not heal but was getting better.

And recently hrt the same big toe again when playing soccer. Was suppoes to kick the ball, instead my toe landed on the ground first, so terkick the ground. SAKIT SAKIT. U know those feeling where ur sprain ur finger.. it looks normal but when u touch it, jus touch it feels very painful. Yeah, tats how my toe hurts.

then see see, got blood clot. Showed Kin Wai and he said he took the blood out before. So curios i ask him how ?

Use needle poke poke poke lo. Ok i also wana try.

Then i get ready all the things i need. Needle and a Comb as hammer.

i dont dare to use ther hammer leh.. scary. So i jus slowly slowly poke through my nail. The deeper i went the faster my heart beat. Was sweating while doing this shit. In the end i said to my self. Mus stop ! Cannot work ! DAMN !

now my toe nail got a tiny hole. And i ask Kin Wai again. He said his was not that low. His was near to the tip of the nail tats why easier. BISEN ! now he call me to squeeze out the blood through the dead skin part.. dunno wat isit call d.

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