Friday, July 11, 2008

Nearly Solo

This is Ah Wai tokied... he has become pure

Alrite i nearly went solo today, went mid valley to eat lunch with Evonne. Reach there early and i walk up to the cinema area and i saw ....

i dun believe my eyes .. its screening today ... so ive decide to have lunch with Evonne and then go solo again for this movie.

well had my shadow with me.. so i think itll be fine. As i was about to line up n my phone rang.

oooooooooooo oh oh oh oh .. ooooo somewhere over the rainbow (jason castro my ringtone)

pick up and it was Wai asking where am i. I told him im in Mv.. n coincidently he is too. And i bump into him.

told him i was going solo.. and he says tats sad n he wans to join me. While lining up his uncle call, bad news for me. He needs to fetch his uncle. N left me alone.

lucky he brought along his little brother, 2 is more than 1 rite, n i agreed to take his bro for the movie and fetch his bro back. And Kin Wai will fetch his uncle. Then Kin Wai made another call to Nana asking her she wans to watch or not.

So he says Nana is watching. N he is rushing off.

Kin Wai : ei nana watching also.
M3: OH okay okay.
Kin Wai : so buy 3 tickets okie.
M3 : ooo Nana is coming la ok ok , u go fetch ur uncle isit ? then Nana leh ?
Kin Wai : yeah ok la Byes. Nana coming over now from college.

and so Kin Wai left in a hurry.

Then was thinking wah.. Nana so desperate want to watch Hellboy 2 ah.. ok lo bring her along.. got girl watch with me also not bad. 3 is more than 2 rite.

Bought the tickets. 3.20 pm. There is still time and Kin Munn (Wais bro) say he wants to go to the arcade. Ok lo.. he wants to play Initial D (racing game), he even has the card thingi for it.

Went in, called me to help him change the tokens coz the fella doesnt allowed him to change. So i helped him.

Sit at the machine, put in the card n tokens.. n in my mind thinking ( Woah tis guy is for real.. )

Fella beside him challenged him....

In the end he lost twice to the same fella.. at in the second race the fella was smsing his frens, when the lights turn green Kin Munn took off.. his car was way in front of tat Malay guy but still he lost.

I think Malay guy was smsing his frens saying got water fish, HAHAHA

Kin Munn played the third time with the computer in easy mode to satisfy himself. N the owner came n told me he cant be here... n i told the owner im his brother like tat also cannot.. she say no, onli if he change his cloths. Then i told her we are leaving after this... ad so we did after the third game.

Feeling down and embarrassed Kin Munn was explaining to me his opponent had a better car.

HAHA he was angry with his opponent...

3.15pm show was about to start and still no sign of Nana yet... suddenly Kin Wai call..

oooooooooooo oh oh oh oh .. ooooo somewhere over the rainbow (jason castro my ringtone)

M3 : Harlo
Kin Wai : Where are you ?
M3 : Near cinema..
Kin Wai : ok i reach d coming up now ....

Stun awhile.....

M3 : huh ??! So now Nana not watching isit.
Kin Wai : got ah..
M3 : Then u call me buy 3 tickets ! BISEN !!
Kin Wai : yalah 3 la... Nana also watching ma..
M3 : Then why 3.. 4 ma rite ?
Kin Wai : 3 la.. me, my bro n Nana ma...
M3 : Then !! u never count me in ah...
Kin Wai : i say i wan 3 tickets ma, i dint count u...

So happy thinking Nana was watching with me without Ah Wai.. rupanaya miscommunication...

M3 : then hai lat... i buy 3 onli... now how faster come up.. u line up n buy again. i go in with ur bro first
Kin Wai : Bisen... apala..

So he came n line up..n the queue was long, me n Kin Munn went in first (dont care). N there is onli one more seat left which is reserve for the 3rd ticket we bought, so sms Kin Wai n told him to change the third seat, so he can sit with Nana.

thought Nana so open dun care if Bf dint follow.. hahah

but actually all the while its jus a communication break down.. hahah n im stuck with him..

At the first place Wai was not here for the movie, he is here for futsal boots, n i persuade him to watch movie with me

but he got his boots also after the movie.

even bought a giant size popcorn and cant finish... so tis popcorn will be my dinner.

Hellboy was nice... fighting scene superb... the way the prince fight... damn flexible.. should watch, worth to watch in cinema.

those who miss the first episode, dont worry there is no link with the second, but i have the original VCD, yes VCD which says Hellboy instead of Super Sapien. HAHAHA TULEN ok...

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