Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kanasai !

Double toki

Ah Soon famous for his name. Similar with a type of fish.

Shin Ying aka Sy. Recently declared herself square.. n all i can think of is square box.

So it was Saturday, and i have to meet with my client. Woke up early getting ready... then drove off. Went to nearby Shell to fill up petrol. The one fella came down.. walk towards me... (oh shit im dead)


Fella : ur number plate fell
M3 : ISIT !! shit oh okie thanks. (phew im not dead)
Fekka : i think its on the road.. i saw it jus now
M3 : oh okie thanks

After finish refilling, park my card aside and backtrack where i came from
and there, i saw it.. it was lying peacefully on the road.

it was in the middle of the road.. one piece.

so i have to wait until there is no cars passing. wait a few small cars and then suddenly

a BIG MEGA BOMBASTIC BIG TYRE ASS LORRY came... with full speed and...


Crush the number plate right in front of me... i was so close... so close saving it...

WAH LAU my reaction i tell u.. super stun ler.. so close so so so close

seriously my heart also looks the same if u can see it....

feeling KANASAIED i slowly walk back to my car and head off, looking for any shops tat make number plate.


Drove around puchong... and none of them makes number plate.. went to at least 5 shops... and finally got one.

Tis is how its done

cut the shape... smoothen the corner.

slowly measure the position of the numbers and stick them together

clean up the old tape with thinner... and stick the new one on.


very nicely done but if u see properly the boot key hole is out of position, its way up but luckily the key still can masuk. Tat fella apologize but i dint really care d, im in a hurry to meet my client. Took me about 1 hour plus to get it done.

Lepas itu pegi Royal Bintang kat the curve.


Miss the turning into the lobby and made a super big ass u-turn.

Told everyone bout my number plate thing. People will jus automatically buy numbers.

They bought 3555 and also 5553 since its the back of my cars number plate.

N then uncle said since its all smash up, should buy the numbers (pau chi). no one did.


and guess wat.. it really came out..look at consolation, but no one win coz no one bought the numbers (pau chi)

call me superstitious or not, i took the picture when the numbers were scattered on the table, the numbers are for my new number plate.

do you see the numbers i see ?

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