Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gathering (small group)


Tis is Julian. He loves Star Wars, thats why. This is a sith (bad jedi) but it turns out to be a ninja sith..

We had a gathering, a secondary school gathering.

not this big group, tis pic above was taken last year, Toh lansiing to me they had gathering while im at Aus.

we let our class rep (ketua darjah) plan it out and call whoever that is free. We went to a more budget place, Steven.

One by one, they came, after work, from hse etc etc tis n tat... all looks busy. LOL

then came Chih Feng ! i cant recognize him at first, Our boys class rep.. hahaha never see him for since after secondary...

thought of taking pictures one by one with everyone.

they were too busy chatting with each other, so i onli get to take pics with Chih Feng and Ah Gwen.

so have to take candid shots of them chatting.. Ernest, Charmaine and Shui Fen.

so busy cathing up with each other.. Aden was there alone with no one to chat with.. so he decided to take pic with Mr Ketawa from steven.

Then we ordered Sisha. My first time trying out Sisha.

Aden was the one who wans it, coz he jus came back from Russia and Sisha is a heat thing in Russia. So he's a pro.

then Julian

and then both of them.

and last, my turn, cough a few times, but it smells nice, like smoking Syesha. But too bad the little gal at the back is smelling second hand Syeisha.

P.S : u might have notice why Julians face is censored, coz i angry him, he never put pictures i requested in my thumb drive and he beat me too many times in Winning Eleven. I MOGOK.

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