Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wicked Arcade Machine.


Tis is Sook Foon aka Sf. Gf Ah Toh. She is a tomato, why coz she blush easily. According to her onli under special event she blush. HAHA which is meet the parents.. LOL

Went summits arcade on Sunday. n saw this machine

the design of it is very interesthing, its the first machine tat caught my eye when i went in. Very interesting. The game was like BISHI BASHI (red,blue,green button smashing), where u need to finish a minigame to go to the other level.

but now, not onli u need to smash the buttons but u can also use it as an anolog... very fun, grab the eye like grabbing ehem.. n stick ur lower part of ur body near to the mouth..

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