Thursday, July 24, 2008

My use to be idol.


Tis is leech. I called him Lincah. His name describe it all.

I was telling Julian i have nothing to collect, no news bout Spiderman. Then he say collect Dragon Ball la. So then Toh also can collect coz at least somethign he can relate during childhood. LOL

Remember all these card vending machine when youre young.

40 cents per card, so cheap.. but the one on top is different, its a mini once which i got from the vending machines also. Suddenly terfind it

it even have small cards,

i cant really remember where i put all my life-size cards but i remember i jus saw it few months ago.. mayb ive throw all of it away ... mayb thats why i dunno where i put it anymore. But i cant remember. Those which double sided picture. DAMN CHUN one ok.

I was so obsess with Dragon Ball that i try very very hard to master the skill of Akira (artist of Dragon Ball), it first started in standard 6. I helped a fren to finish up a comic book. And i did, blame him for my bad UPSR result.

and then in secondary school i feel like making my own comic and so i did. 3 books in 3 years... blame it for my bad PMR result.

First book, very light ler... bad mechanical pencil, but it was a good start.

Second book, slightly darker pencil line. Best quote from my book which Chris use to tease me alot is

"CIS, Bedebah, LAWAN" (tranlate Shit, Dammit, Fight)
tats one of the script in tat book.

then come the third book.. got colours d, start to be more creative but..

the dream jus melted and i stopped.

but its fun during those days, but all the books u can see pages missing or teared, coz i dun plan for the comic i jus main hentam draw onli thats why sometimes it doesnt turn out well, so i mai tear it off lo.

Got special Appearance one k

Venom leh... dun prey prey

and myself, but the suite is also how Akira disguise himself in his comics.

its been like YEARS since i tried to draw Dragon Ball, so ive decied to give it a try to see if there is still a Dragon Ball in me and i drew this

no reference, jus main hentam as usual, n THERE IS STILL A DRAGON BALL in me.

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