Sunday, July 6, 2008


It was a boringday.. i have nothing to do, so ask for yum cha with Julian, and plan to called out frens.. i was excited meeting ppl new frens.

but ended up ... as above, i reach his place n onli got his sms.. feeling bad and guilty, Julian and i stick to the initial plan to kelana jaya. Jus the 2 of us.. jus the two of us.... (will smith's song)

Before we head out took some pictures from his star wars chess set collection that he bought from U.K.

Light Side thinking : Emperor and Yoda battling for survival

Dark Side thinking : Yoda trying to jump to Emperor's face and stuff his weenie to his mouth, but emperor was trying to wiggly yoda's weenie.

Light Side thinking : Luke trying to save Leia from Darth Vader, Leia slip and fell down.

Dark Side thinking : Family Gathering. Luke giving hi-5 to his dad with their light saber seeing his sister doing his dad.

Light Side thinking : They are really gay

Dark Side thinking : They are really gay

ok so we reach Kelana Jaya and we stop by a mamak like western style food stall. Near the old Lim Kok Wing. The place is call WILLIAMS. (owners name)

we ordered ribena ice blended with longan and also mango ice blended with longan. RM3.50 each.

Then we ordered chicken premium, big portion, and we shared. RM15. Half way eating onli we realize to take pic of it.. so it doesnt look delicious.

in this set u have.. pandan chicken, cheese sausage with some tuna egg sauce, mash potatoes, 4 slice of ham and erm.. home made chili mint sauce.

and to make things more gay we tried to cam-whore.

tis was actually the third pic we took. Was laughing and acting we are not cam-whoring.

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