Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who should go ?


haha spoon also kena now.

Ini Yi Horng. We called him the aunty killer. Likes to wear white shirt and then wet it so it can see thru. (we made tat up). Also famous for the phrase 'If Horng Can Cook So Can You'

Before i start here are something for those of you who are overseas.

LAN HWA bak kut teh.

Shiok vege.. Po Lui Sang Choy (Ball Money Birth Vege) or ( Glass Raw Vege) LOL... !!

and a message from Julian to Toh.

If you read justins blog, u will know that he won 2 passes to watch Chelsea traning in Stadium Shah Alam.

so happened i was in Mv so i help him take the free passes in Adidas, Gardens.

very nice passes but looks simple to duplicate.. hehehe but dun wan la.. wat is mine is mine wat is not is not.

and if anyone read Cbox saying we are all going for the match.. its a lie... jus wan make tat fella going to watch Mu felt lonely watching alone near the flag pole.

Lets play a game. Guess who is going ?

Winner of the passes. But have class till 6 pm tat day. The training starts at 6.30 in Shah Alam. Will he make it ?

Same sir name. Same DNA. Same blood line. Not a Chelsea fan. Lansi face.

Help took the passes. Not Chelsea fan either. Diff DNA.

Kin Wai
Random fella. Close to god, can help pray so that the players will take picture with you.

Or are we ALL GOIN ?

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