Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Fantastic 6 Outing


My Brother, Ctai the pilot.

Tis is a story of 6 fantastics. M3, Ah Soon, Han, Sy, Howard and Tina.

who goes on a one day trip to

Taman Pertanian in Shah Alam, which cost RM 3 per entry.

and on the way there that got lost.

According to our schedule. Meet up at Howards hse at 10am.

Go to Ming Tien for breakfast. Take off around 12pm. Reach there within an hour.

But we got lost instead. Oh btw Hans driving.

Ah Soon feeling responsible for guiding us the wrong way quickly stop by and look the place we are going on a street map. Tis map looks damn old d.

Of course we cant blame all to Ah Soon rite, we dint blame him LOL the map on the road side really useless... colour all faded dunno accurate or not also. Then we decided to ask some passer by and eventually we BERJAYA.

reach there around 2pm. But our spirit was not melted by the sun. We were all pump and excited to get some fresh air.

choose your ride. RM5 for a few hours then RM1 for subsequent hour. Dunno how d la... but jus choose la. MINE SPIDERMAN COLOUR !!!!

get a map.. which i dont think is useful. Huge place jus follow your instinct la and you can start rolling !

A lot of super slope. First slope already dead... but mayb coz we r not warm up yet.

There are alot of interesting places to visit there, can stop by anytime, anywhere.

First stop. Not Good.

Lock up Rabbit farm. Its said that there is a virus tat attack the rabbits. Its called the AKU LAZY BAGI ORANG MASUK DAN HAVE TO CLEAN UP THE MESS virus.

and we came across tis huge ugly rabbit slide. U go in from the mouth. And...

a short documentary on how rabbits droppings fall out. U slide out from the ass. Notice one more shit is coming out.

Second Stop. Lake side. Ok OK.

saw some monkeys around, dangerous dont dare to go near... saw them fuck 2 times within half an hour. Kena bite later kena AIDS.

big ass Arowana in the middle of the lake...

skinny tall merman (soon hock) on the land.

Time to contiue our next journey.

Bloody hell... thought tis is a protected area, manatau ada open burning...

Third Stop. Rumah 4 Season... no comment.

we dint go in coz the house is now in summer season. So we are not liking it, and it cost another RM3 to go in.

so we jus do some bollywood moments near that area lo.

You dont get to see Ah Soon so ganas.

Pulled some Moto GP stunts.

Fourth Stop. Kedai Runcit. SHIOK !!

Very thirsty and got us some cold drinks....SERATUS.

Fifth Stop. Bird Park and Bridge. Ok Ok.

Bollywood moment again.

Possessed look.

a few different types of bird but we onli visit Mr. peaCOCK.

very beautiful peacock... (imagine abit, imagine u dont see Sys pupil, like scorpion in Mortal Combat.) GET OVER HERE !

Where are the others while we berhappy happy in the bird park..

haha resting... spot them if u can.

Sixth Stop. Animal Park. INTERESTING.

tis is one of a kind parrot. Really can repeat wat u tell it to say. But need some patience.

also on the way we see deers..then pass

freaking smelly horse poo.

we gave up around 5pm. All half dead d. Before we go in Hans car, we need to dry up ourself.. all sweating and smelly and dint bring any extra shirts.... so

we hope on a tour bus and go for another round. Jus to cool us down.

After alllllll the energy we burt... its time for a super dinner. SHABU SHABU, steamboat buffet. So much for the exercise and now... wasted..

Han agreed by nodding his head nonstop.

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