Wednesday, July 9, 2008


As u all know ive been tokiing alot lately, hahaha and im addicted to it. So you wouldn't know who might be next to be tokied... beware...

Tokied Toh. Many agree its too cute to be toh, but its the tokis style.

Recently my neighbor sudah lari away and its empty. They were not there anymore when i came back from Aus. But who cares. HAHAHA. the onli thing is because the fella lent (some) money from the big ear hole (loan shark la)

these people are not meant to borrow money from.. advise ya.. so my neighbour cant pay up.. and they left.. but these loan shark never give up, they buang paint, happen long time ago.

Now when the hse is on sale they came back n wrote something on the the board. I know there is some chinese word there but dun care wat it means. When cousins came n say u know wat they wrote there.. i told them i have no idea..

The loan shark actually wrote
Lou chin ngok, ching kei mou mai !
(Translate conmens house, dont buy )

How can u not buy when its so cheap.. the hse its really cheap and they are having an auction on it.. so who wans to be my new neighbour ? join the auction tis coming month.

Watever it is, loan shark is not something to mess with. Can try skim cepat kaya if you wan to be a mangsa.

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