Tuesday, July 29, 2008



Ini Howard. So far the most hebat Guitarist i kenal. We called him uncle coz he veli cheong hei wan.. LOL.

Was sayanging my dog Max tat day and suddenly tersayang a bump near his neck area. Wah tertakut me thought wtf tumour ah...

rupanya ini... a very very overfull tick.

suck my Max blood till super man.... damn big leh..

called Max to pose for me awhile while i take pic where i got the tick from..

usually i will pinch it with my finger for small ones, big one step with my foot (sliper la of course), but this is special... tis wan i have to hammer it with a stone, jus to see how will the blood splash.. touch abit onli terus burst d... KENG CHOW !!

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