Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Justin tokified

okie remember this post, i was trying to sell the poor mighty muggs that i dont need. Turn out i have a customer, at last.

Justin bought the iron man mighty mugg from me.

and then i realize i have an iron man figure in my closet for quite some time and i offered it to him. So he wants it too. Now there is no Iron man left in my hse... mua hahaha.

Tis is one satidfied customer.. dont even care when i call him to take his pic.

wats left now is onli Wolverine. RM50.

Since i sold the small figure of Iron man from bandai.. why not sell all of it.. i have



Fantastic 4

and Incredible Hulk

No more in the market... RARE ! lol Each for RM25, get all 4 for RM85. Really in my closet doing nothing. Whose birthday coming ? mayb ill jus give away as a bday present, hahaha

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