Wednesday, July 16, 2008



Tis is Jone. He has been tokied

Have you ever been desperate in something and u will do watever it takes jus to do the things u are desperate for... well i have. N here is one of my desperate moments.

im desperate for soccer.. since our captain is not here, no one has the initiate to go plan a match or even call..

so me, Julian and Justin went to a playground near his old house, and play with small little KIDS. Age from 8 to 14 (guess onli)

It was fu coz there is no pressure playing with them.. but the KIDS soon became close to you n they start being cocky... haha
One KID came to me suddenly and say

Lei hai yeng mm tou ngo keh .. !!
translate ( you cant win me wan .. !!)

i cant do anything but cont playing and laugh all the way while playing, who laugh the loudest.. Julian of course.

These KIDS come and go as they like without saying anything.. so there are times when 3 of us were left alone.. and we try to have fun.

Tis is Justin trying to do a Bicycle kick.

M3 doing a penalty kick.. thanks to Justin, a great photo but the ball jus flew away from the goal post.

2 KIDS came back .. n Julian tried bicycle kick too..

and suddenly one whole gang of KIDS jus came and we cont playing. Team divided and we start playing.

Julian : Amin (KIDS name if im not mistaken) pass to Jeremy, pass to Jeremy !
Amin : Who is Jeremy ?

This happens because i was introduce to them as Ah Pet, thanks to Julian

Julian : haha.. im sorry.. pass to Ah Pet.
Amin : Oh....

in the end the closes to us was Amin.

end of the day.. as usual the KIDS jus leave without saying anything like bye... so we also go back lo..

Oh here is Jone tokied.. he is late again... its jus him... LATE. HAHA

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