Wednesday, April 30, 2008

World Premiere Spider-Man 4

The world premiere for spider-man 4 is exactly on 18 of april 2008. Its was a wonderful day. The guest are wonderful and perfect for tis events. Those tat had the opportunity to join tis event was
Evonne, Toh, Julian, Justin, Kin Wai, Lynda, Han, Soon, Kae Min, Shin Ying,Tina, Lessayno, Yumeko, Johnny, Rachel, Jun Fei, bro Adrian and gf Kelly, couz Fui Kee n Fui Sin, family members dan lain lain.

At around 8 pm guests starts to come.

All the guest are serve with either bbq or mee suah and either side dishes.

Everyone was very excited when they heard there will be a real spider-man. So some vip guest was invited to the changing room of peter parker.

It was very successful.

while waiting for him to chnage we shall take a look at the new poster made.

It is said the villain tis time are the clones. Its the CLONE SAGA.

i dont want to spoil the ending but i have to let it out coz its really unexpected, spider-mans dad was the one who later on saves spider-man.

but the main attraction tat day was we caught spider-man keep adjusting his.. ahem.. too big i guess.

but i have to say again. It was a GREAT night. Thanks to all tis guests.

last but not least. We also have to thank the producers for making tis happen.

Oh oh, not to forget the goodie bags.

To download tis wallpaper, simply click on it and save it. Then set it as your wallpaper.

One of the most download wallpaper. Once again, Thanks everyone for making tis happen. THANKS !


mr.sin77 said...

hello, this is Mark Sin...
I live in the U.S.A
you guys have the same last name
so I guess we are related...
did u guys hear about John Sin's
father...he passed away,not to long ago...
please, return the message

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