Sunday, April 6, 2008

Video not for weak stomach.


Not worth putting my spiderman for tis post..

Been browsing through the web and i found tis once in a lifetime dare-daring unbelievable clip. PLEASE do not eat while u are watching it.. its a dare to those who wana try.
ADOI dun click the pic.. its jus a pic.. copy the website below n open it in a new window.And if it has any pop up jus click no and u can happily watch the video. CLICK NO

Please watch it without ur parents araound, siblings are all welcomed. May contain some nudity.

and also do wait for it to finish loading.. ITS A MUST to wait for it to finish loading. be patient.

Things i learn from this video.

These ppl are crazier then me coz i played with a dried one b4. (from a dog)
Humans are capable in doing anything... mayb they are not human..

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