Monday, April 19, 2010

Half way to 50, a quarter to 100.

Harlow harlow harlow, as u can see they have been changes on my blog hehehehe, hope u guys like.

Celebrated a pre birthday at my cousins house. She was making a bday party and invited me so i jus tag along and call her frens to sing me a bday song.

On the very day my dear dear invited me to dinner.

she brought me to Rakuzen, erm the restaurant opposite pavilion.

not knowing anything i thought im celebrating it with her onli. I ordered food.

and our food came, and my dear dear keep on say she had stomachache n need to go to the toilet, but wat i dint know is there is a surprise bhind all her sakit perut session

Ask me to follow her to the toilet, bring my camera n then i knew there is something wrong.

really a surprise everyone is waiting for me in the so called VIP room.

while they were ordering my food came. N I cant wait to dig in, it looks so so delicious.

and here is Han cant wait for his food to come.

We had some inspiration from Leonardo Tag Heuer ad.

Once again playing with seaweed and some japanese leave tat i dun eat.

Joined by my dear dear playing mustache.

And Han wan wanted a white goaty. One thing lead to another, we were taking pictures.

and here are some of the pictures we taken, erm guess which part of the body tis pic is showing above. HAHAHAHA really i know it looks like wat u guys are thinking.

Its jus our lips. HAHAHAHA

My lips

and AH Hans.

So here comes the cake and a groupie pic.

Wish and blow as hard as i can

Im holding on to my age now. All of it in my mouth.

ah ya if u know it i did something with my bopengness face... tats the power of photoshop.

wats worst is cream on my face, my hair, the plastic on my head is the plastic tat wrap around the cake... dammit

but i too have something up my sleeve, i smudge cream on jaemys face n his expression is priceless.

another watch post.

too bad for those who dont wear a watch

paying was the best part, why coz i dun have to pay, wah hahahaa.

so once again thanks guys for making tis day a BLAST for me. hahah tats wat everyone wishes me, have a blast on my bday, blast tis blast tat.

and thanks to all my of them tat wishes me on facebookor sms.. like super banyak orang for the first time. Once again i wana take tis opportunity to say wat i said on my facebook.

To all my frens, thanks so much for all ur super duper wishes and im very happy like super happy, facebook is so good coz tis is the first time i have been receiving alot a wishes through facebook. and with all the wishes i jus have to type on tis box and say thank to u all n u guys will know how gratefull i am to have all those wishes !! Facebook rocks! facebook man siu! Sekian Terima Kasih

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